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​It’s great to do things you enjoy, but how much is too much? Do you let a drug or activity get in the way of other important things like time with friends and family, completing work or study tasks? This video series walks you through time tested ways to help you rein in substances or behaviours that may have taken too much of a hold.


Dr. Michelle Olaithe

Addiction is a mental or physical inability to stop using a substance or activity even though it may be causing harm to yourself, your life, or your important people. Continue watching to figure out why you started using, why you’re motivated to keep using, and the reasons to stop or cut down.

What are addictions?

Session 01

Cravings can seem like unstoppable, overwhelming desires to use, take, or do your addictive behaviour. Learn about how cravings are a normal part of an addiction and learn step-by-step tips for coping with cravings.

Coping with craving

Session 02

Having a clear goal is vital to your success in cutting down or stopping your harmful use of a substance or behaviour. This video will guide you to address the things that may be holding back your success and help you set clear goals.

Goal setting

Session 03

Access to your drug or behaviour may be decreasing your chance for success. Watch our tips to figure out how you will reduce the availability of your addiction, be assertive with people aiding your addiction, and make changes to your environment to reduce addiction cues.

Refusal skills & assertiveness

Session 04

Sometimes it is the seemingly irrelevant decisions we make that lead to use of our addiction. Identify the inadvertent ways you may be aiding and abetting your addiction and swap these out for safe decisions.

The power of choice

Session 05

The pathway to rehabilitation is not smooth. You will experience successes and slips. Work with us to create your all-purpose coping plan and prepare for high-risk situations so that slips do not become a full-blown relapse.

Coping plan & problem solving

Session 06

Take a close look at how far you’ve come in just 6 short sessions, re-evaluate the skills that have worked and the skills that may need more practice, and learn what to do when nothing else is working.

Planning ahead

Session 07

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