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It’s 3am, it’s dark, and everyone else is asleep, and you can’t stop thinking. This is just one isolating experience of insomnia. During the day you struggle to get through, feeling fatigued and irritable. This video series walks you through what we know about insomnia and gives you solid ways to get a good night’s sleep.


Dr. Michelle Olaithe

Insomnia is an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and/or waking too early, for quite some time. In this session you will do a self-assessment.

What is insomnia?

Session 01

Setting goals is about giving yourself a clear road map of where you want to be at the end of therapy. This session will ensure you have some very clear, targeted, and measurable end points.

Goal setting

Session 02

Sleep hygiene is about cleaning up your sleep. In this way your body knows when to release the right chemicals for wake and rest and bed has a clear association with sleep. This session gets you cleaning up your sleep routine to maximise sleep quality and gets you tracking your sleep so you know what helps you sleep.

Sleep hygiene

Session 03

Sleep tracking allows you to make note of the things impacting your sleep. In this way you can learn about the things that help and the things that hinder. This lets you make small changes for maximum sleep benefits.

Sleep restriction therapy

Session 04

Our moods colour our thinking but did you know that your thinking can maintain or amplify a certain mood? This program and activity will help you isolate patterns to your thinking during certain moods and figure out if your thoughts are helpful or need to be shifted.

Thought-mood connection

Session 05

Core beliefs are things we hold to be true. We hold them about ourselves, other people, and the world, and use them to guide our thinking and behaviour. This session uncovers the core beliefs sitting beneath your automatic thoughts.

Core beliefs

Session 06

Automatic thoughts are often negative and don’t have a lot of evidence to support them, however sometimes this evidence is not apparent at first glance. This session asks you to evaluate the evidence for and against your automatic thoughts and to develop a more balanced thought.

Disputation and evidence

Session 07

Self-development doesn’t have to end here. Now is the time to practice the skills you’ve learned along the way or add to your learning. This session encourages you to evaluate what you have achieved by reflecting on the goals you set at the beginning of these sessions.

Continued development and self management

Session 08

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