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Social Anxiety

It’s normal to feel nervous or unsure in new situations where we might feel we need to perform or are being appraised. However, social anxiety shapes your life to accommodate this fear, affects your mood, and makes your work-, social-, and/or home-life difficult. This video series talks to you about what social anxiety is and gives you ways to put you back on top and tackle your fear.


Dr. Michelle Olaithe

In this session we’ll outline what social anxiety is, what a healthcare professional will be looking for, and a model of anxiety. Then you will complete a self assessment.

What is social anxiety?

Session 01

Setting goals is about giving yourself a clear road map of where you want to be at the end of therapy. This session will ensure you have some very clear, targeted, and measurable end points.

Goal setting

Session 02

Our emotions are felt in our body and in our mind. Sometimes stress and negative emotions can mean we hold tension in our body, in our muscles. This exercise draws on that mind-body connection to get you relaxing in your body for a more relaxed state of mind.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Session 03

Our moods colour our thinking but did you know that your thinking can maintain or amplify a certain mood? This program and activity will help you isolate patterns to your thinking during certain moods and figure out if your thoughts are helpful or need to be shifted.

Thought-mood connection

Session 04

Core beliefs are things we hold to be true. We hold them about ourselves, other people, and the world, and use them to guide our thinking and behaviour. This session uncovers the core beliefs sitting beneath your automatic thoughts.

Core beliefs

Session 05

Automatic thoughts are often negative and don’t have a lot of evidence to support them, however sometimes this evidence is not apparent at first glance. This session asks you to evaluate the evidence for and against your automatic thoughts and to develop a more balanced thought.

Disputation and evidence

Session 06

A fear hierarchy is a step ladder to conquering your fear. You take your scariest thing and break it down into steps, then take one step at a time.

Fear hierarchy

Session 07

Self-development doesn’t have to end here. Now is the time to practice the skills you’ve learned along the way or add to your learning. This session encourages you to evaluate what you have achieved by reflecting on the goals you set at the beginning of these sessions.

Continued development and self management

Session 08

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